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Parents and Authorized Payers:

Parent login to CUBill&Pay

Tuition and fees are online only.  No bills are mailed.  The CUBill&Pay online billing and payment system is the official means of generating tuition bills for all currently-enrolled University of Colorado Boulder students.  Students access their student account through MyCUInfo.  Parents (as authorized payers) access student accounts through CUBill&Pay directly.

Students receive a reminder email at their email address when the tuition and fee bill is available online (around the beginning of the semester, after registering for classes). Students can authorize parents or others to view and pay the student account.  This is called “authorizing a payer.”  Once someone is an authorized payer, he/she will also receive reminder emails each month to check the student account.  Students and authorized payers can log in 24/7.

Payment must be received by the due date.

The tuition and fee bill includes tuition, mandatory fees, optional fees, on-campus housing, student health insurance, and other direct university-related costs.

CUBill&Pay allows students and authorized payers to safely and securely: