Payment Plans

You can pay tuition and fees in monthly installments by enrolling in an optional payment plan.  Undergraduate and graduate students, and their authorized payers, are eligible to enroll.


  • Your account must be in good standing (not past due)
  • Your total balance due (estimated or actual) must be $250 or more
  • Study Abroad participants are not eligible to enroll at this time.
  • Payments must be made via automatic bank payment (ACH) from a regular United States checking or savings account or credit/debit card. (A nonrefundable 2.75% service fee applies to all credit/debit card payments.)

Costs to participate

  • $25 per plan if enrolling separately for fall, spring and/or summer
  • $45 if enrolling for fall, spring and summer in one plan (annual)
  • $30 fee if payment is returned

Schedules and Deadlines

All payments are processed on the 5th of the month and are applied to the student account after 6:00 p.m.

Summer 2015 Payment Plans ($25)

Available Summer 2015 Last day to enroll online Number of payments Payments (5th of each month)
April 7 Three-Payment Plan May 4 3 May-July
May 5 Two-Payment Plan June 4 2 June-July

Dates may be subject to change.

Fall 2015 Payment Plans ($25)

Available Fall 2015 Last day to enroll online Number of payments Payments (5th of each month)
June 9 Five-Payment Plan August 4 5 August-December
August 5 Four-Payment Plan September 4 4 September-December

Dates may be subject to change.

2015-16 Annual (Academic Year) Plans ($45)

Available Annual Last day to enroll online Number of payments Payments (5th of each month)
June 9 Twelve-Payment Plan August 4 12 (5 for fall, 4 for spring, 3 for summer) August-July
August 5  Eleven-Payment Plan September 4 11 (4 for fall, 4 for spring, 3 for summer) September-July

*If you are attending CU for the 2015-16 academic year, this plan allows you to enroll once for $45 for fall, spring and summer.  You will pay the fall tuition and fee bill over five months (Aug-Dec), the spring tuition bill over four months (Jan-April), and the summer tuition bill (if you decide to enroll in summer classes) over three months (May-July).

Dates may be subject to change.

Click here for Instructions on How to Enroll


If you’re enrolling in a payment plan before the semester starts, you need to estimate the amount of tuition and fees you’ll pay.  The Payment Plan will automatically switch from “Estimated” to “Actual” a couple of weeks before classes start.  The plan may need to be rebalanced periodically to match your student account balance.  This will require either the student or the plan owner to log in and manually rebalance the payment plan.  For instructions, visit Rebalancing Your Payment Plan.

More information:

  • Once you complete all the steps to enroll, you are set up for automatic payments.  Payments are processed in the evening on the 5th of each month of your plan.
  • If the 5th falls on a weekend, your payment will be processed the following business day.
  • If payment is returned, a $30 returned payment fee applies.
  • The amounts you need to pay may change due to rebalancing resulting from changes to your account like changes in course fees, adding or dropping classes, or financial aid.
  • Both the student and the plan owner have access to rebalance the payment plan.
  • If the student enrolls in the payment plan, the student is the owner of the plan and can choose to share Payment Plan email notifications with any or all of their Authorized Payers.
  • If an Authorized Payer enrolls in the payment plan, that Authorized Payer is the owner of the plan and will receive Payment Plan emails as well as the student.
  • “Blocked” payment plans mean you are not eligible to enroll either because your account is past due, your balance is less than $250, or you are participating in Study Abroad.  You are blocked from Continuing Education plans if you are not enrolled in Continuing Education.
  • You will continue to receive monthly email notifications informing you of the total student balance due.  As long as you are in good standing on your payment plan, you do not need to do anything when you receive these emails.
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