Two-Payment Plan

The two-payment plan is available during fall and spring semesters only and is not available during the summer term.

To take advantage of the two-payment plan, you must sign up in MyCUInfo after you receive e-mail notification of the first bill of the semester.  Remember, bills are only online. The deadline to request the two-payment plan for fall and spring semesters is the first tuition due date of the semester.

Here’s how it works:

  • You sign up for the two-payment plan in MyCUInfo.  (See our How To’s to find out how to do this.)
  • In accordance with federal regulations, this payment plan only applies to tuition, mandatory fees, and other specific charges on your account.
  • Charges not included in this plan are still due by the published due dates (such as optional fees, health insurance).  Add them to your installment amount and make your payment to avoid late and finance charges.  See Due Dates.
  • You pay the second installment plus a 1 percent finance charge on the unpaid balance and any additional charges one month later by the next due date.
  • The amounts you need to pay may change due to recalculations resulting from changes to your account like additional COF, tuition waivers, or financial aid (for example).
  • If you select the two-payment plan and do not pay the first installment by the deadline, you will be charged a late payment charge as well as a 1 percent finance charge on the total balance. See payment policies.

Please note: Students must sign up for this plan themselves in MyCUInfo.  Authorized payers cannot sign up for their students. You are not eligible for the two-payment plan if you register late, if you owe a past due debt, if your current bill is less than $500, or if you are participating in Study Abroad.