Audit Program

Individuals, aged 18-54 who are not registered students who wish to attend regularly scheduled classes must obtain an audit card. Auditors, in-state or out-of-state, pay in-state undergraduate Arts & Sciences tuition for 3 semester hours per term (regardless of the number of class hours taken and the kind of course) and receive class instruction and library privileges only*. See current tuition rates.

An auditor’s card must be presented to the instructor on the first day of class. The auditor’s card expires on the last official day of the term in which it is being used. Auditors must get permission from the professor to audit a class prior to purchasing the audit card. Once an audit card is purchased, there is no refund and it cannot be petitioned for a refund.

Cards may be obtained from Student Billing in the Bursar’s Office in Regent Administrative Center. For more information, please contact Student Billing at 303-492-5381 or

To see what courses are available, please visit Guest Course Search.

For Colorado residents age 55 and over, there is a special senior auditor program. Refer to information at CU Boulder Alumni Association.

*Auditors are not considered students and do not receive the same privileges that students do.