Common Questions

Student accounts and tuition & fee bills

Why didn't I get a bill in the mail?
How do I see an itemized bill?
Why did I get a refund when there is still a balance due?
How do I waive or change my Student Gold Health Insurance?
I waived the health insurance. Why isn't my student account updated?
What is an authorized payer and how do I authorize one?
How do parents or other authorized payers log in?
What if my authorized payer doesn't have a computer?
How do I log in to see account details?
What is CUBill&Pay?
What is the difference between MyCUInfo and CUBill&Pay?
When is tuition due?
I see multiple charges on my bill and I think I am being overcharged.
I have a financial hold. Why?
When will I get my confirmation deposit back?

See Troubleshooting for more help.