First-Time Users

If you are a student, log in to MyCUInfo to view and pay your bill.

  • Log in to MyCUInfo using your IdentiKey
  • Select the Billing Information tab
  • Select View and Print Bill
  • Now you are in CUBill&Pay

Once you are in CUBill&Pay, your options are on the left.

  • Message Board—general announcements about CUBill&Pay.
  • Payment Profiles—view payment profiles (U.S. checking or savings accounts or credit/debit card) set up to pay tuition and fees.
  • Authorize Payers—give other individuals (like a parent, guardian, spouse, or anyone you choose—up to five people total) access to view and pay the bill on your behalf. YOU are still ultimately responsible for paying the bill on time.
  • User Preferences—sign up for for text notifications.
  • View Accounts—view Account Detail, Current Statement, and Statement History.  You will receive monthly email notifications mail when your tuition and fee bill is available online. Please check your account at least once a month to ensure all charges are paid on time. You can download and email or print the Current Statement (official copy of the bill) if you need a paper copy.
  • Make Payment—make a payment from your United States checking/savings account (free), credit/debit card (nonrefundable 2.75% service fee applies), or international transfer.
  • Transaction History—view all electronic payments made using the CUBill&Pay system. Payments made in person or sent through the mail will not appear in Transactions History on CUBill&Pay (but all payments will appear on the monthly Current Statement on CUBill&Pay).
  • Payment Plan—enroll in optional payment plans when available and if you are eligible.

A Note about Authorizing Payers

Authorizing payers is how students give parents and/or others (up to five people total) access to view, print and/or pay the bill online through CUBill&Pay. Authorized payers will get monthly email notifications when bills are available online, just like students.

  • This does not give parents and/or others access to MyCUInfo, grades, schedules, or anything other than bill information.
  • Students must authorize payers themselves in MyCUInfo.
  • Authorizing payers is optional but highly recommended for anyone helping pay the bill.
  • See How To’s for instructions.