Advanced Tuition

An advanced tuition account is for students attending the university who wish to prepay educational expenses. Advanced Tuition is designed to allow parents, grandparents, or other payers the ability to pay current and future educational expenses on the student’s tuition and fee account. To qualify for an advanced tuition account the payment must be large enough to cover the cost of tuition and fees (adjusted for scholarships, grants, loans, etc.) for at least three semesters. Additional payments can be made into the account by the original payer after the opening deposit is made. The account does not accrue interest.

To set up an Advanced Tuition Account:

  • Fill out the Advanced Tuition Agreement
  • Enclose a check made payable to the University of Colorado for the amount of funds you would like deposited in the Advanced Tuition Account
  • Mail agreement and check to:
    Advanced Tuition Coordinator
    Bursar’s Office
    University of Colorado Boulder
    43 UCB
    Boulder, CO 80309-0043

Colorado in-state undergraduates, see College Opportunity Fund.