Direct Deposit

If you are eligible for a refund, the University of Colorado Boulder requires you to set up direct deposit so your refund can be electronically deposited into your designated bank account. Refunds are processed weeknights and should be deposited into your bank account within two to three business days, usually sooner, depending on the bank. You are responsible for verifying that the refund is available in your account before spending the funds.

Direct deposit authorization only allows funds to be deposited into your account. Funds are not withdrawn from your account to pay your bill as a result of this authorization.

Parent PLUS loan refunds to parent borrowers are not eligible for direct deposit.

Note: This direct deposit policy is for refunds from your student account related to your tuition and fees account if you paid by check, e-Check, or financial aid.  If you paid by credit card, the refund goes back to the credit card.  In addition, if you are a work-study or student employee, contact your payroll liaison to set up direct deposit for your wages.

How to Set Up Direct Deposit