Refund Policy

On occasion, you may receive a refund from CU.  Refunds typically result from dropping a class, waiving insurance, or financial aid (for example).  Since individual circumstances vary widely, not all financial aid recipients receive refunds.  For planning purposes, you should determine whether or not you may get a refund by estimating your tuition bill and subtracting your anticipated aid.

If your bill was paid with cash, check, e-Check or financial aid (except Parent PLUS loans designated to be refunded to the parent borrower) and you are eligible for a refund, it is deposited directly into your (student’s) bank account weeknights. Students are required to sign up for direct deposit on MyCUInfo. See our How To’s to find out how to sign up. Refunds are processed weeknights and should be deposited into your bank account within two to three business days, usually sooner, depending on the bank. Students are responsible for verifying that funds are available in their account before spending the funds.

If your bill was paid by credit card and you are eligible for a refund, it goes back to the credit card.  The 2.75% credit card service fee charged by NelNet is nonrefundable.  Credit card refunds are processed weekly.

The method of Parent PLUS loan refunds is determined by preferences indicated on the borrower’s application.

Refunds reflect your current account activity on Boulder Main Campus. You may be assessed future charges if you change your schedule, enroll in a waitlisted class, or receive a financial aid adjustment. If you are enrolled in Continuing Education classes, you have a separate bill that may still need to be paid.

Please monitor your account on MyCUInfo and be aware that you are responsible for payment of future Boulder main campus and Continuing Education charges.

If you have a federal student loan, you have the right to cancel that loan within the award year by calling the Office of Financial Aid at 303-492-5091.