Access to CU-SIS, COGNOS


Training is required in order to receive access to CU-SIS and COGNOS (COGNOS access only requires FERPA training). The following training must be completed in SkillSoft with a minimum passing score of 80%:

  • Introduction to CU-SIS
  • CU-SIS Student Financials
  • CU-SIS Campus Community (highly recommended if you work with student biographical and demographic data, residency, service indicators, etc.)

To access training in SkillSoft:

  1. Log in to MyCUInfo.
  2. Click the CU Resources tab.
  3. Click Training and select Start SkillSoft from the drop-down menu.
  4. In SkillSoft, expand the University of Colorado – System folder.
  5. Expand the CU-SIS folder.
  6. Hover over the desired course and click Launch.


Request Access (scroll down to CU Student Integrated Systems (CU-SIS) and ISSM, click Request CU-SIS Access)

When completing the access form, it is critical that you specify the type of data you are requesting and information about your job role so that you receive the appropriate level of access. Without detailed information, minimal access may be given. After completing the form, submit the form to your supervisor who will submit it to the CU-SIS Coordinator. Requests are completed within five business days from receipt.

For more information about COGNOS Levels, see Reporting Security Levels.