Staff Contact List

Director’s Office 303-492-3772
Greg Atkins, Bursar (CU Boulder Today hiring announcement)
Dana Drummond, Executive Assistant to the Bursar
David Humphrey, Associate Bursar
Larissa Armand, Document Management & Webpage Coordinator

Student Billing 303-492-5381
Emily Bell, Manager
Laura Raile, Team Leader
Anne Stetina, Bursar’s Office Email Coordinator
Danae Patterson, E-Transactions Coordinator
Karina Frush, Refund Coordinator
Laurel Hoerner, Late and Service Fee Coordinator
Laurie Wilson, Adjustments and Budget Coordinator
MaryAnn Enstad, Tuition Dispute Coordinator
Patricia Cassell, Phone Bank Assistant
Suzi Nicholas, Phone Bank Assistant

Office of Cash Management 303-492-7219
EJ Lee, Manager
Franchette McCurley, OCM Lead, Vault Cashier
Carolyn Humphrey, Lead Cashier
Lichin Lei, Cashier
Nancy Shelly, Cashier

Communications 303-735-0817
Susie Jacobs, Manager

Student Financial Services
Student Financial Accounting 303-492-5583

Student Financial Systems 303-492-5573
Nok Sitchawat, Manager
Vacant, Lead Business System Analyst
Diann Moore, Sponsorships Account Coordinator
Eric McDonald, Accountant
Jennifer Bennett, Lead Accountant
Jennifer Rossi, Business System Professional
Nancy Mars, Business System Coordinator
Paula Ford, Business System Analyst
Sharon Schryver, Business System Coordinator
Steve Turley, Accountant

University Student Loans and Debt Management 303-492-5571
Lora Merriweather, Manager
Heidi Robinson, Projects/Lead Worker
Christine Randall, Debt Counselor
James Macias, Debt Counselor
Kelli Lowe, Customer Service Representative, University Student Loans
Milinda Alvarez, Customer Service Representative, University Student Loans