Common Questions

Common Questions from Parents

  1. How do I pay for tuition and fees?
  2. Why did my student get a refund when there is still a balance due?
  3. How are bills distributed?
  4. What if I do not receive an email notification?
  5. Can I pay the tuition and fee bill from more than one account?
  6. How much is the bill going to be?
  7. How much does my student owe?
  8. When is tuition due?
  9. What if I can’t pay on time?
  10. What are mandatory fees?
  11. What are course fees?
  12. What is the College Opportunity Fund?
  13. Why can’t I automatically see my student’s bill or other information?
  14. How does my student receive a refund?
  15. How are refunds issued for Parent PLUS loans?


1.  How do I pay for tuition and fees?

With CUBill&Pay, students can give parent(s) and others (up to five people) access to view the student account and pay tuition and fees on students’ behalf.  This is called “authorizing payers.”  Authorized payers receive monthly email reminders to check the student account when tuition and fees are posted in CUBill&Pay.

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2.  Why did my student get a refund when there is still a balance due?

If your student receives Title IV financial aid such as a Pell Grant or a Federal Student Loan, the aid is limited to pay tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board in accordance with federal regulations.  This can result in a refund being issued to the student before the rest of the charges (health insurance, parking permit, etc.) are paid.  To avoid potential late and finance charges, students can grant permission in MyCUInfo for their Title IV aid to apply to all charges on the student account.  For step-by-step instructions, please visit our How-To’s.  Whether or not your student chooses to grant permission, all charges are due by the published due date.

3.  How are bills distributed?

Tuition and fees are posted to student accounts online.  Bills are never mailed.

All students and authorized payers receive monthly email reminders to check the student account. The email will have a link directing you to the CUBill&Pay website.

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4.  What if I do not receive an email?

Tuition and fees are typically posted after students register and before the first day of classes (not including late registrants).  Tuition and fees must be paid by the due date to avoid late and finance charges even if you or your student does not receive an email reminder.  Students are able to view their student account 24/7 on MyCUInfo.  Authorized payers view the student account in CUBill&Pay 24/7.

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5.  Can I pay tuition and fees from more than one account?

Yes.  Enter each transaction separately in CUBill&Pay.  You’ll need the routing and account numbers for each account you wish to use.

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6.  How much will tuition and fees be?

Tuition and mandatory fee rates are decided the Board of Regents by June 30 of every year for the following fall, spring, and summer semesters. To view the most recent tuition and fee rates, please see Tuition and Fees.  Or, use the Bill Estimator.

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7.  How much does my student owe?

Students can view their account balances 24/7 through MyCUInfo. Please note that the student account are in the student’s name, and ultimately the student is responsible to make sure the charges are paid in full.

If your CU student has authorized you as a payer, you can log in to CUBill&Pay and view the student account 24/7.  See our How-to’s for instructions.

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8.  When is tuition due?

Refer to our due dates page for due dates.

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9.  What if I can’t pay on time?

Accounts with unpaid balances as of the due date for each semester are subject to late and finance charges and a financial hold. This will result in a student’s inability to register for a future term, withholding of a transcript and/or degree, and/or unenrollment from future term classes. See Payment Terms.

We also have payment plans.

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10.  What are mandatory fees?

Mandatory fees are charged in addition to tuition to provide services such as the recreation center, on-campus computer labs, an RTD bus pass, and many other programs. Details can be found for each academic year and the summer semester on our Tuition and Fees page, under Mandatory Fees.

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11.  What are course fees?

Some courses carry an additional fee for enrolled students, at the discretion of the department offering the course. Detailed course fees for each semester can be found on our Tuition and Fees page, under Course Fees.

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12.  What is the College Opportunity Fund?

The College Opportunity Fund (COF) is a state voucher (also called a stipend) that helps Colorado in-state families offset rising higher education costs. All Colorado in-state, undergraduate students are eligible. It is not financial aid. It is the state’s way of contributing to Colorado in-state undergraduate education at public universities and colleges. Students must apply once at College Assist, and authorize on MyCUInfo. The COF credit will then appear on the student account.

For more information, go to the COF FAQ’s.

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13.  Why can’t I automatically see my student’s account or other information?

Because of the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the university will not disclose specific information about student accounts without the student’s written permission. However with CUBill&Pay, students can give parents or others access to view their account.  This is called “authorizing payers.”  (This access does not allow you to see grades, schedules, or information other than the student’s account.)

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14.  How does my student receive a refund?

Refunds are directly deposited into students’ designated bank accounts regardless of who pays tuition and fees. Click here for instructions on how to set up direct deposit.

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15.  How are refunds issued for Parent PLUS loans?

See the PLUS Refunds for information on refunds.

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