Common Questions

Credit and debit card payments

Which credit cards are accepted?
Can I pay with a debit card?
Why do I have to pay a 2.75 percent service fee to pay with a credit card and how is it determined?
Is charging a fee legal? Do other universities charge a fee for credit card transactions?
Is there any way I can avoid paying a service fee?
Is the service fee refundable?
What if I make a credit card payment for more than I owe on my student account?
Can I pay with a credit card over the phone or in person?
What happens if I make a mistake when I enter my credit card information online?
How do I know my credit card number is safe if I provide it?
How will I know if my payment is approved?
Can I pay part of my bill with a credit card and part with eCheck?
I have a credit balance on my account. How will I get a refund if I paid with a credit card?
Why can't I see the service fee on my student account?
How can I stop an online payment if I made a mistake?
Can I use a credit card check or investment account to pay online?
Will the service fee appear on my confirmation email?