Faculty/Staff Tuition Benefit

What is the Benefit?

The University of Colorado offers a tuition benefit to eligible employees which may be transferred to their eligible dependents. This benefit allows eligible employees to receive a waiver for up to a total of nine credit hours of tuition per year and allows their dependents to receive a discount of ten percent off of the student share of tuition.  Employees and their dependents are responsible for paying all other required campus-specific fees and other related educational costs.  The faculty/staff benefit year runs fall term through summer term.

Beginning fall 2014:  the dependent benefit has changed to a ten percent discount on the student share of tuition (tuition less the College Opportunity Fund stipend) and is no longer based on space available or full-time status.  Dependents may register for courses during the regular enrollment period and can be enrolled full-time or part-time.  The employee is not eligible to use the 9 credit hour tuition waiver during an academic year in which a dependent utilizes the ten percent discount for one or more semesters.

To find more information about the Tuition Assistance Benefit offered by the University of Colorado, including eligibility, deadlines, the administrative policy, admissions information, and taxable income please view the Employee Services website for the CU Employee Tuition Benefit.

Employees can use the benefit for courses taken at:

Eligible dependents use of the benefit is limited to the campus at which the employee works.  Please note that the tuition benefit program is not the same as the scholarship offered for dependents of faculty and staff of the Boulder campus. Information about the scholarship can be found online on the Office of Financial Aid website.

Update: A provision of the American Taxpayer Relief Act, passed by Congress on January 1, 2013, provides permanent extension of the exclusion for employer provided educational assistance (IRC section 127). No changes will be made to the taxation of the faculty/staff tuition benefit. Please contact Employee Services with any questions about whether you or your dependent’s use of the benefit will be taxed.

How to use the benefit

  • To apply for the tuition assistance benefit, the employee must complete the Tuition Benefit Application form (available on the Employee Services website) and submit it to Employee Services who will verify the eligibility of the employee or the dependent for the year.  Please refer to the Employee Services website for documents needed to verify dependent eligibility.
  • An application for admission to the university must be submitted to the Admissions Office if the person using the benefit is not a continuing student (enrolled in any of the three preceding semesters).  Please refer to How to Apply for Tuition Waiver Benefit to determine if you need to submit an application for admission.
  • Once eligibility is established, the approved employee must wait until the first day of the semester and then register via MyCUInfo.  As long as all procedures have been followed and the class is eligible to be waived, the Bursar’s Offices will credit the tuition assistance to the tuition bill prior to the tuition due date for that class.


  • Courses offered through Continuing Education, audited courses, Extended Studies, Outreach Programs, Study Abroad and/or non-credit courses do not qualify.
  • Faculty/staff utilizing the tuition waiver cannot participate in concurrent registration.
  • An employee’s coursework must be taken outside scheduled working hours or with an adjusted work schedule of equivalent hours acceptable to the employing department.
  • Dependents’ use of the benefit is limited to the campus at which the employee works.
  • Employees who are classified for tuition purposes as nonresident undergraduates cannot enroll in more credit hours than the benefit they are using in any given semester.