2017 1098T tax forms are available now in MyCUInfo.

  • Disable the pop-up blocker on your browser to access the form.
  • Print the form for your parents or others who may be eligible to claim you as a dependent, if applicable. No forms will be mailed.

If you qualify for the American Opportunity Credit and/or the Lifetime Learning Credit, you need to include a 1098T form when you file taxes each year. Talk with your tax preparer or tax advisor to determine whether you are eligible for these or other educational tax benefits.

What we report on the 1098T
How to access the 1098T (forms are not mailed)
Social security number/tax identification number requirement

*The University of Colorado elected the reporting of Tuition Statement Box 2, amounts billed, at the inception of the Form 1098T reporting requirement and has continued to report under this allowable method. Accordingly, as provided in regulations, we do not report Tuition Statement Box 1, payments received.