Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Mandatory Fees

See Course and Program Fees for a list of fees that will be eliminated starting Fall 2018.

Mandatory fees are based on your degree and the number of credit hours and classes in which you enroll. For more information, see Fee Descriptions, Tuition and Fee Rate Sheets,or the Bill Estimator.


Undergraduate Mandatory Fees $802-$920
Graduate Mandatory Fees $809-$927
Law Mandatory Fees $987-$1,105
Doctoral Candidate Mandatory Fees $278-$527
Doctoral Thesis Only Mandatory Fees $780-$899
Breakdown of Student Activity Fee

Other fees and charges that may apply:
Course and Program Fees (will be eliminated effective Fall 2018)
Health Insurance
Room and Board
Residential Academic Programs (RAP)

Student Opportunities Fees (optional)

Note to Graduate Students: Your graduate status is determined by the Graduate School and determines how you are billed. Master’s students are normally “A” status; but can be “B” status if you are enrolled for “Master’s Candidate for Degree” only. The change to “B” status is made automatically. Doctoral students who are taking course work and have not passed their comprehensive examination are normally “C” status. Doctoral students who are taking dissertation hours only and have not passed their comprehensive exam are generally “E” status. Once you have passed your comprehensive exam, you will be changed to “D” status by the Graduate School. The Graduate School must have both the Application for Admission to Candidacy and your signed comprehensive Exam Report Form in order to admit you to candidacy and make the change to “D” status. (Source: Graduate Student Registration Status)