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Fees listed here are mandatory per semester depending on number of credit hours. Other fees may be on your bill that are unique to you as an individual or your program of study, such as parking permits, residence academic programs (RAP), and other charges resulting from options you choose. If you have questions about fees not listed here, contact the appropriate department directly.

Summer 2012 Student Fees

Arts and Cultural Enrichment FeeSupports on-campus performing arts. Provides no charge or reduced cost admission for students to museums, performances, etc. Student supported, approved by administration and Board of Regents in 1995. $10.00
ASSET FeeArts and Sciences Support for Educational Technology - Supports development and delivery of instruction in the college of Arts and Sciences. Approved by Board of Regents in 2008. Not assessed to courses in any unit entitled Honors Thesis, Masters Thesis, or Doctoral Dissertation, and with the exception of any course numbered 6000 or above. $1.32 per credit hour
Capital Construction FeeSupports five capital construction projects: Law School, ATLAS, Business School, IT Infrastructure and Visual Arts. Twenty percent of the revenue will be allocated to need-based financial aid. Student bill passed in 2004. Began in fall 2006. Fee is implemented on a progressive basis increasing to $200/student/semester in FY2010. $200.00 – 7 or more cr hrs
$100.00 – 6 or fewer cr hrs
Student Bus and Bike ProgramsAllows students unlimited use of public transportation (RTD bus pass) in Boulder County, Broomfield, Westminster, and Denver, including to DIA (Denver International Airport). Includes special services such as Broncos Ride and Rockies Ride. This fee also supports: Night Hop Shuttle connecting the Hill area to downtown Boulder; Day Hop, Stampede, Skip, and others. There is no charge for either service. Student initiated, administration and Board of Regents approved in 1991. $78.00
Student Computing FeeUsed for building, maintaining, expanding, and updating computing labs, and providing all students with access to computing accounts including e-mail, the Internet, etc. Originated in 1990. Student and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs supported with approval of Board of Regents. $67.24 – 7 or more cr hrs
$33.62 – 6 or less cr hrs
Summer Student Fees (click for itemization)
5 weeks session A or B or Independent Study
8 weeks session C
10 weeks session D or any combination of A, B, C or D
CU Student Government (CUSG) managed fees.
Student Information System FeeFor maintenance and upkeep of 4-campus student online computer systems (each campus of the 4-campus system contributes to this support). Administration and Board of Regents approved in 1984. $7.00
CU SEVIS Compliance Fee – international students onlyThe Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) Fee funds mandatory federal compliance reporting. Charged to international students. Nonrefundable if student withdraws when withdrawal processing fees apply. Board of Regents approved in 2003. $22.00
UGGS United Gov of Grad Students – graduate students onlyUnited Gov of Grad Students administrative fee for all grad students only. Board of Regents approved in 2002. $4.50

This listing does not include fees that may be assessed depending on choices related to your school, individual courses, program of study, health insurance, or housing.

*Based on full-time undergraduate U.S. citizen; does not include fees that may be assessed depending on choices related to your school, individual courses, program of study, health insurance, or housing.